Tombstone Supernatural in the Old West.

The Wild West is a dangerous place when you count the all the potential troubles: Post-Civil War hatred, Outlaws, Gangs, and just trying to make it. Now add all kinds of monsters to the mix and secret societies to cover them up and what do you got?

This campaign centers around the “Hunters”, the short version is anybody willing to make the cash to axe a monster. There are Secret Societies that are willing to pay if you are willing to hunt and thus enter the bad-ass willing to get the job done. Generally, you don’t just get an application via Secret Society HQ, you have to basically survive a monster attack. After you inevitably down enough alcohol, you talk about it and (guess what?) somebody makes you an offer you probably won’t refuse.

A hostile world with monsters and strange societies set the stage for many questions. Who do you trust? Why the hell do these guys even care about exterminating monsters? Where do these monsters even come from? Is the end near?

The final question: What will you do?

Six-Shooters, Secret Societies and The Supernatural

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